The Honeywell Wind Turbine

The Honeywell wind turbine features the innovative Blade Tip Power System™. The BTPS utilizes a system of magnets and stators surrounding its outer ring to capture power at the blade tips where speed is greatest, practically eliminating mechanical resistance and drag. The size, weight, and quiet design set it apart from others in the industry.

The only way we feel we can make an impact on the world is if we work together. The Altronics Energy network spreads all across North America. With our teams utilizing the wind every day we get closer to our green energy goals every hour.
At Altronics Energy we manufacture and distribute the Honeywell Wind Turbine that was developed by WindTronics. We also manage the North American Dealer Network and offer training courses to installers and dealers across the globe.

Our Roots

Altronics Energy’s true success spurs from the roots of its parent company Altron Automation, Inc. With a small budget and one customer back in 1989, the owners of both companies began their first business. From there, they grew into a 100-plus employee company nestled in Hudsonville, MI. Altron designs and builds custom automated systems for various applications. With the fall of the Michigan auto industry in 2008, Altron made some strategic changes and saved the company and its employees by opening doors to new ventures, including the medical, food and green energy sectors.


Enter WindTronics

One of the first alternative energy lines to walk into Altron’s doors was WindTronics, a company headquartered in Muskegon, MI. Altron accepted a challenge it had never experienced before and designed an assembly solution to create a wind turbine in only five minutes. The trick of it all was that the turbine was being designed in parallel with the line. After a few months of working day today with the WindTronics team, Altron developed close relationships and began to carry the same passion for the product and its possibilities as WindTronics.

The Birth of Altronics Energy

In November of 2009, Altron presented a new idea, a new name, and a new face of its company to the staff of WindTronics. Altronics Energy was just a PowerPoint presentation with a few clip art pictures and a homemade logo with the hopes of becoming a distributor, installer, and trainer for these wind turbines. After that day, everything snowballed into extremely fast growth. Soon, quality concerns arose with various sub-components of the turbine, and Altron engineers stepped in to help solve these challenges.

Problem Solvers

Altron’s best attribute is its problem-solving abilities. It all started with the wheel, then the quad (the electrical components), the roof mount, and the stators soon followed. Altron spent 22 years building a one-time job assembly line for some other company that would then go and makes money off Altron’s design.energy-efficient-green-living

Now it was Altron’s turn to use its own equipment to make products. Altron and Altronics Energy teamed up to design the best way to manufacture the sub-components with optimum quality.

Altronics Energy became a manufacturer of wind turbines using Altron Automation’s expertise to design assembly systems for them. The line allowed for minimal human error, incredible precision, and fast processes.

Soon, Altronics knew more about the product than anyone, and this, in turn, aided its pursuit to be distributors, installers, and trainers. After all, who better to install and manage the turbine than the people who build it?