The Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy


The world is changing and the search for renewable energy green energy has become an important topic. Wind power is one of these clean and renewable sources of power that more and more countries are adopting. Many countries around the world are investing in research that is aimed at ensuring wind energy is utilized to its full potential.  Continual development of this technology is also serving to reduce the overall cost of setting up and production. There are many benefits to wind power, but also a good number of challenges facing this sector.

Advantages of Wind Energy

Wind Energy Is Renewable

Unlike hydroelectric power, wind power is renewable and, therefore, inexhaustible. The wind is generated every day so it cannot end or become scarce like water. As long as the sun exists and the earth rotates, wind power can always be generated.

It’s a Clean Source Of Energy

Wind power generation does not affect the environment in any way since it is freely provided by nature. It does not cause any emissions which may lead to polution and health problems to people – such as is seen when using fossil fuels.

Wind Power Is Affordable

Only the initial cost of setting up the windmills is high. The operational cost is very low compared to other sources of power. The cost to produce a unit is much less than the overall advantages offered by wind power.

It’s a Local Source Of Energy

Wind energy can be generated from anywhere and does not require that a nation imports the energy, unlike fossil fuels like coal and gas. This allows any nation to stop relying on other countries for energy – which boosts their economy since they don’t have to import as much.

Requires Limited Space

There is no need to clear land to establish windmill farms. The windmills can be established in already existing farms which maximize land usage.


Challenges Facing Wind Power

Unpredictable Wind Patterns

For adequate power to be generated, there needs to be constant wind blowing over a long duration of time. However, being that wind patterns cannot really be predicted, this makes it difficult to harvest enough power in some locations.

Operational Challenges

Most of the windmill farms are in the countryside. However, most of the power plants are usually in the cities which may make it challenging to harness and generate the power in some places.

Visual Blocking And Noise Pollution

small-wind-turbines-at-homeWhen the turbines are running, they produce noise that can be quite distracting to the people who are living near them. They also alter the landscape of an area, which could have a negative impact on the surrounding communities.

High Initial Cost

The cost of constructing the turbines and setting up the farms is quite high. This may make developing nations hesitant to invest in it as it may be too much to bear.


Wind power production has its challenges since it is a natural form of energy and it can be very unpredictable. However, it is a great potential source of alternative energy for nations who need to find a solution to ensure their energy security.